Uv Disinfection Technology Shoes Take You Away From The Smell Trouble

If your feet are always emitting a foul smell, so your spouse can not stand, then your relationship must be very nervous. Currently, scientists invented a new electronic device, you can remove 99.9% of the smell of Nike Air Max shoes, dozens of minutes to let your shoes are fresh smell.

The electronic devices are called “bactericidal shoes (SteriShoe)”, is caused by ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria foot odor, sterilization shoes from the appearance very much like the shoe (the shoe mold), it is simply plug it into the foot , and then began to start the sterilization.

Sterilization shoes inventor claims that it can produce a daily average of 236.5 ml (0.5 pint) of sweat, but the device in just 45 minutes to kill 99.9% of the bacteria. It is suitable for people with athlete’s foot, toenail or foot odor is only the crowd.

The latest device is developed and manufactured by the American inventor, is currently priced at £ 80 UK sites and provide a variety of sizes. Manufacturers of footwear care company spokesman Ryan invention – Ku Helin (Rainer Kuehling) said: “ultraviolet light to kill bactericidal Air Max 90 shoes are shoes by the micro-bacteria, medical experts recommend the use of the device to eliminate foot odor that plagues many people problem, it is a non-chemical methods to kill bacteria, reduce the shoes may have origin odor, athlete’s foot infections reduce the probability. At the same time, very easy to use sterilization shoes, people only need to insert it into the midst of the shoes, then press the button Start sterilization. 45 minutes 99.9% of harmful bacteria are killed. This is a practical tool for cleaning the feet, but also for people suffering from athlete’s foot to bring the gospel.”

Usually lasts are made from the fir, with help to limit the number of odor by water absorption, however, is the first use of ultraviolet germicidal shoe odor disinfection
device, UV is a good fungicide, was applied to hospitals, dental surgeries, public swimming pools and other water treatment system help kill the bacteria.

Human eye can not see UV light, but this light can kill harmful bacteria. In order to avoid direct contact with users and UV sterilization shoe also has several security
features. The device with a pressure sensor, when inserted into shoes, the pressure slightly, it will start the sensor. Meanwhile, only in a sealed sterilization shoes, low light environments, the sensor sterilization shoes light enough to scan the environment dark, to start the UV irradiation. Reportedly, the device can also be applied to open-toed Air Max 2009 shoes and sandals.